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About Retro Vixen
We've come a long way!


Growing up in California, I always felt like I'd been born in the wrong era. When the other girls were wearing tennis shoes, I was wearing kitten heels; when they were buying designer jeans I was scouring vintage stores for beautiful dresses and skirts. I dreamed of one day having my own store filled with the styles I loved.

I opened Retro Vixen in June 2010. The clothes are new but vintage-inspired, as are the purses and shoes. I have jewelry and hair bows, for a complete head-to-toe look. I also carry some items for your home such as pinup-print sheets and pillowcases, and other fun stuff for girly girls like "fancy" dishwashing gloves and cute luggage tags. I carry clothes for every age, and every size. With the right styling, everyone can be the Vixen of their dreams! Stop in and say hi!

our team

Together with My husband, a few friends, and all our customers and Facebook fans, Retro Vixen has emerged from a mere concept to a fully functional business. We have a great team but without input from our customers and fans we would go nowhere! Thanks for your ongoing support as we continue to grow!